Medical, Security & Emergencies

Please read below to see what action to take if you experience an incident during your stay on campus


All emergencies on campus should be reported immediately to campus security:

Singleton Campus – dial 333 from any internal phone or 01792 604271 for the security control room.

Bay Campus – dial 6010 from any internal phone or 01792 606010

Our security team are trained to deal with any emergency situation, are qualified first aiders, and will dial 999 if required. We prefer if you do not dial 999 directly, as our team have protocols for directing emergency vehicles around the campus.

Fire Alarms

You will be informed if there are any pre-planned fire alarm tests. If there are not, and you hear the alarm sound, please leave the building via the nearest exit. You will be informed of the relevant muster point for your building; if you are staying in the residences, this information is provided in your room.

Non-Emergency Security Situations

If you;

  • Wish to report a theft or lost property;
  • Wish to report a crime or other incident on campus;
  • Feel unsafe at any time on campus;

Please speak to our security staff. They are based at:

Singleton Campus – Fulton House, south-east corner

Bay Campus – Nanhyfer reception desk

Non-Emergency Medical Situations

For non-emergency medical treatment, please arrange an appointment with a local doctor:

University Health Centre
Penmaen Residence
Singleton Park
Swansea SA2 8PG

Tel: 01792 295321

SA1 Medical Centre
Beacon Centre for Health
Swansea SA1 8QY

Tel: 01792 481444