Getting ready to host the 2024 European University Association Annual Conference

As we get closer to April, the 2024 EUA Annual Conference promises to be one of excitement, innovation, and change with some excellent plenary sessions lined up.

Practices in assessing the value and impact of an individual academic’s work have long been biased towards research output, such as citation scores. In turn, the planning and trajectory of #academic careers have progressively tilted towards certain types of research achievements, to the detriment of equally deserving tasks, such as teaching or societal outreach.

Recent years have brought progress towards more balanced and transparent assessment, for example through the Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment (#CoARA) and increased attention towards better reward and recognition of teaching at institutional and national levels.

This #EUA2024AnnualConf panel discussion will take stock of such developments and reflect on what further steps are needed to ensure that academic career paths authentically reflect individual academics’ full range of talents, achievements, and contributions.

Integrity in education is not a new topic. On the contrary, #ethics in #education remain essential for students – who are active citizens, as well as aspiring academics and professionals, and universities – which hold an essential place in #science, learning and society. That said, the challenges are changing.

This second #EUA2024AnnualConf plenary session will ask how universities can ensure true integrity in #learning and #teaching, going beyond value statements and individual role models. Speakers will address emerging and novel challenges to achieving this and reflect on how a culture of integrity can contribute to fostering academic freedom, autonomy, and collegiality, as well as combating misconduct and fraud.

The decisions university leaders make reflect their vision and principles. Indeed, it is consistency between ideas and behaviours that embodies integrity in leadership. This #EUA2024AnnualConf session will offer novel perspectives on the challenges faced by university leaders as they navigate complex decisions and explore how these challenges relate to – perhaps competing or conflicting – values.

The focus will be on connecting institutional vision, personal leadership styles and cultures, and decision-making frameworks, providing insights into the intricate task of leading with integrity in today’s complex university landscape.

To attend this and other interesting sessions, register for the 2024 EUA Annual Conference, which will take place on the 11th and 12th of April 2024 at the University: 2024 EUA Annual Conference

We look forward to giving a warm Welsh welcome and working with EUA colleagues to stage another successful and engaging event at the University.