How to host a Conference

Find out our top tips on how you can host a conference.

Be Involved

If you are wanting to host a conference, then the chances are you have already attended a number as a delegate; this is the first step. Attending conferences is an invaluable way to learn, network and grow your own research, which will stand you in good stead to host a conference one day.

Be Elected

Any organisation can put forward a bid to host a conference, as long as the individuals leading the bid are members of the society’s committee, so put yourself forwards for the opportunity to be elected onto the board.

Prepare a Bid

When the bid window opens, you will need to submit a robust bid, outlining projected costs and margins. A team from the society will then come to Swansea to assess us as a host. The assessors will look at everything from facilities, accessibility and planning to proposed events, social spaces, food and amenities, as well as the overall programme. The Business Development team are on hand to assist in the bid preparation process, we have a wealth of experience in creating and delivering successful bid proposals, and know how to truly exhibit Swansea University.

Plan, Plan, Plan!

And do it early. There are many things to consider when hosting a conference; who will be your speakers? How should you format the itinerary? Do you have a formal dinner or a beach BBQ? Communication is essential. Having bid for the conference, you should have a pretty clear vision of what you want to achieve, so create a detailed plan that you can share with the relevant teams who will be helping ensure your conference is a success, such as AV and catering.

Pulling together all of the details to guarantee a successful conference can seem a little overwhelming at first. Luckily though, at Swansea University you have our dedicated team of Event Experts on hand to help you take care of all of the details. Work alongside them and take advantage of their invaluable guidance. To find out more, please speak to a member of our Events Experts team.


Most conferences are only held once a year, so you could be taking centre stage at the main event of the society’s calendar, which is an enviable position to be in. Hosting a conference in your home location is the time to showcase what your team does in your field, so enjoy it.