Summer Food Trends: What’s Hot Right Now!

We are always keeping our eye on the latest foodie news, and we want to share with you some of our favourite summer 2016 food trends:


Turmeric is one of our all time favourite spices.  A natural anti-inflammatory, used as a hangover cure in Japan, you’ll find a little bit of this restorative spice in everything this season. Whether it’s sprinkled into your juices, smoothies and teas or grated over a freshly made curry dish or salad, turmeric really is flavour of the month!

Sri Lankan food

Forget popping down your local for a pint and a chicken tikka masala, Sri Lankan food is what’s hot right now! Sri Lankan cuisine is different to Indian; offering more intensity and extremes of flavour. Sri Lanka’s answer to the pancake is the hopper!  But it’s not sweet and sprinkled with sugar and drizzled with syrup. The hopper is filled with flavoursome curry and topped with relish and a fried egg!

Clean eating

Clean eating is still very much on trend, which is great news for us here at Swansea University.  We are passionate about providing nourishing food that is locally sourced and as fresh as possible.  Find out more about our commitment to sustainable catering here.

Nostalgic Food

Everyone is talking about nostalgic food right now. Unpretentious, home-cooked food with aromas and tastes that evoke wonderful childhood memories is what people are currently craving. Retro food is also cool right now; think prawn cocktail, chicken kiev and even trifle!

In our Great Hall Café Bar and Restaurant, traditional afternoon teas are a big hit right now, as is the traditional deep dish apple pie; and we’ve got plans to find room on our event menus for traditional fish & chips and a range of other retro food items too – watch this space…